Because of the simple word mu,
I acknowledge my experiences

I acknowledge my fear
I see it
and feel it

It rages through my body

The reason for my fear
I do not know,

But it is there
and I experience it,

I cannot do anything with it,
except experience it

If I allow
and acknowledge
and let it rage through my body

Then it does not paralyse me.

It helps me to see
where I stand
and how I am doing

It is miraculous
I seek the truth
to avoid fear

I cannot find it,
and once I give up
the fear becomes bearable

And I can handle it,
without having to direct it

It could be the way it is meant to be,
but I don't know,

Fact is that I cannot do it any other way
Fear is a reality,
just like my arms are
I can look at it or not,
it will remain
And it helps me

I am quite happy with it,
it adds substance to my life
And depth

Fear is helping me
make the choices that suit me
It tells me who I am,
what I want and what I don't want

My fear belongs to me