Beyond Post-modernism

  • Posted on: 7 March 2015
  • By: hans

We now live in a post-modern world

It is as if we still live in the structures and truths of the old world, but no longer believe in it.

These old structures continue to collapse and we stand there and watch it happen. It makes us fearful, because there is nothing else yet, but we cannot or do not want to prevent this collapse.

We could make another attempt at repairing, check if it can even be repaired. Or we can do something else.

The time has come not only see the lack of relativity of these old truth but the time has come to say goodbye to them.

It is not the time time to start a new chapter, what we need to do is start a new book.

Post-modernism is the last chapter of an old book.

Lets say farewell to the old structures, the old truths and draw the inevitable conclusion that after a millennia long search for truth and structure we still do not know and understand

But lets not stop and continue thinking and living.

Don't keep looking at these old structures and say: I don't know/understand? But go beyond this not-knowing and understanding and build a structure/lifestyle around it.

The Mirdan Institute has developed a not-knowing method, a way of thinking to live in a world we do not understand. It is not a truth, it is a method. You can use it or not and if it helps you then great or follow a different method.

The Mirdan Method is based on 4 words. The first word is about making knowing and not -knowing visible, the second word is about emotions and feelings, the 3rd word deals with how do we handle life's biggest questions in a world we do not understand and the 4th word looks at how can build a society if we do not understand ourselves or the structure we inhabit.

The Mirdan Method does not state that we cannot understand anything or that knowing is not possible. It simply states that in this very moment in time we do not understand ourselves (or our society) nor do we understand the consequences of our actions. And that we can no longer pretend we do.

Mirdan will show you the future, a glimpse of what will be beyond post-modernism, possibly to the 1st chapter of the next book of our thinking. A book that will be about how to live in a world we do not understand.